What is Shelfy.IO

Shelfy.io is a White Label, Headless Mobile Commerce Platform, That Helps Retailers and FMCG Companies Become Growth Companies, with Proven Business Results!

Personalized Smart Shelf

Our signature feature, turning every shelf into a personalized one, based on each customer preferences, behavior and past activities.

Scan & Go

Shelfy’s technology allows in-store shoppers to pick up a product, scan the barcode with their phone, pay, quickly confirm payment & goods with store attendant and is free go

Single Product Interaction

Both the user and the retailer benefit by focusing on one product at a time, never leaving the shelf, and having everything at your finger tips right there front and center.

Dynamic Home Page

Customize the APP's homepage swipeable banners, special promotions, product carousel, store locator, loyalty card, coupons, videos, and more.

Driven by Data and Analytics

Shelfy.io “built-in” data capturing capabilities provide you a deeper understanding of the opportunities and constraints impacting your business. We offer you a real-time dashboard and analysis of your sales and special custom reports with deeper analytics of the customer behavior and user journey.

Scan & Go – Complete Omnichannel Experience

Our Platform supports the in-store shopping cycle with no additional integration, and turns shoppers’ mobile phones into scanning and payment tools. They can also scan coupons. content and more, to enhance their experience.

Shoppable Videos

A dynamic and gamified shopping experience synchronizing products from the catalog with relevant content in videos increase basket size!

With which companies can Shelfy.IO be used?

H&B Retailers, Supermarkets, FMCG Brands, and Beauty Brands.