What is Sodyo?

Sodyo is the next generation of interactive scanning technology that enables a user to easily scan a small marker and be instantly connected to any actionable content of your choice. Viewers scan the markers using their smartphone from the comfort of their couch.

Offline to Online

The Sodyo technology is useful across a wide range of applications, such as eCommerce, offline to online interactions, logistics, and more.

Personalized Markers

Try it

Step 1: Download and install the Sodyo / QuikSnap Application

Step 2: Open the Application

Step 3: Play any of the videos below

Step 4: Point your smartphone to the screen and experience the magic of Sodyo!


Out of Home

The Power of Sodyo

Sodyo Markers

The Sodyo marker is the cornerstone of our technology. Using our CVP technology and advanced algorithms, the scanner has all the information it needs to return the required content.

Software Development Kit

We provide a Software Development Kit (SDK) for both Android and iOS which allows a customer to add Sodyo’s scanning capabilities to your existing mobile application.

The Sodyo Portal

Customers can utilize the Sodyo Portal which is our Content Management System (CMS). The CMS enables content creation, campaign management, reporting and analytics.

Application Programming Interfaces

As an alternative to using the Sodyo Portal, customers can decide to use our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect directly to their existing back end systems.

Analytics & Reporting Tools

Every time a user scans a marker, each scan is recorded in the cloud. The data can then be analyzed and used for assessing the best course of actions, such as a/b testing, optimization, etc. No personally identifiable information is recorded.

Superior Technology

Sodyo utilizes a proprietary, patented technology that can be applied to many different markets.

Any Environment, Any Media

We connect offline to online in any environment - outdoor, indoor, print and digital.